Fully Restored 1964 Humber Hawk
Full restoration inside and out
Over 250 hours of love and labour
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Brand new interior
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Lots of Documentation and History
As featured on the big screen
This exact car was in a number of movies

Fully Restored Inside and Out

No expense spared

Over €12,000 spent restoring this car to her former glory

A little about the rebuild

The rebuild started by removing all glass from the car and then the body was fully stripped down for sandblasting. Sandblasting revealed a lot of problems and the next step was to remove all the rusted panels, the 4 wings and the inner and outer doors. All the rusted areas were repaired with the right hand and left hand front door posts, inner sills and inner wheel arches repaired and stabilised. This work involved fitting four new half wings and 2 new outer sills that were fabricated in a local metal workshop. All 4 doors were repaired outside and inside with fabricated metal and rust spots on the boot lid were also repaired, as well as repairing the rear panel and the front panel. The rusted parts were repaired and patched and then the entire body was sanded down to remove all the remaining black paint. The body was then treated with epoxy primer on all panels, this work being done in the spray painting oven. The entire body was sanded down again to leave it ready for applying filler with isopon applied to the doors, sills, wings, boot lid, the bonnet and front and rear panels. The next step was to prepare the entire body for its 1st coat of primer paint. The primer paint was applied in the spray oven and the entire body work and panels were block-sanded in preparation for a 2nd coat of primer paint. At this stage the inner wings were treated with epoxy primer. You can read all about the rebuild as well as look at a full image gallery on this website.

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